The Food Processing Technology Division (FPTD) develops next-generation technologies to maximize operational efficiency in the agricultural and manufacturing industries. Our interdisciplinary teams of expert engineers and scientists combine their skills to deliver breakthroughs in automation systems, robotics, autonomous systems, advanced sensing, environmental treatment, and energy harvesting. Our goal is to transition concepts into real-world prototypes for ultimate commercial release.

Reinvented Toilets Could Provide Safe Sanitation for 2.5 Billion People

A $13.5 million award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will improve sanitation to 2.5 billion people worldwide by reinventing the toilet, technology that hasn’t changed much in more than a century. Shown are Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Shannon Yee and GTRI Research Scientists Kevin Caravati, and Ilan Stern, who are leading the Georgia Tech portion of the initiative.

Peanut Plant’s “Chemical Breath” Could Give Clues to Drought

GTRI researchers Judy Song and Daniel Sabo install air sampling equipment used to collect volatile organic compounds from peanut plants. Analyzing the compounds could indicate when the plants are under stress, allowing farmers to adjust growing conditions.

Researchers Look To Nanoparticles For Wastewater Treatment Solutions

For many producers, especially those in the poultry industry, treating wastewater is a long and expensive process. Researchers at Georgia Tech are looking at some high-tech options to help the situation.
Georgia Farm Monitor