The Food Processing Technology Division is part of the Georgia Tech Research Institute, the nonprofit applied research arm of Georgia Tech. The division is housed in GTRI’s state-of-the-art Food Processing Technology Building, a world-class center for academic research, prototype systems and technology development, and public interaction.
The building features five research laboratories:
• A state-of-the-art automation research laboratory equipped for studying robotics, computer vision, ergonomics, and process control.
• An electronics lab for construction, repair, and analysis of electronics systems and constructing board-level hardware components.
• A systems development and integration laboratory for design and development of specialized computer software along with the design and integration of prototype systems.
• An environmental laboratory equipped with full chemical and biological analysis capabilities.
• An optics laboratory that contains high-precision equipment for evaluating and designing imaging systems and characterizing illumination effects.
In addition, the building houses a 4,370-square-foot reconfigurable high bay testing and fabrication area with overhead crane and tractor trailer access; a machine shop with equipment to assemble and fabricate prototype parts; a 16-foot x 24-foot climate control chamber for conducting experiments and testing/evaluating equipment performance under a variety of real-world environmental conditions; a full-service chemical wetlab; and an indoor environmental pilot area.
While serving as the cornerstone for multidisciplinary research and development, the building is also an educational facility for public interaction. As such, it contains a 48-seat auditorium, a large conference room for industrial and organizational meetings and events, and an interactive lower lobby exhibit highlighting the growing role technology is playing in food and poultry processing operations.
Analytical Equipment
A variety of analytical equipment is available, ranging from gas and liquid chromatographs and mass spectrometers to elemental analyzers and analytical calorimeters to other standard aqueous chemistry laboratory instruments. A bio-safety level 2 hood is also available.
Georgia Tech Resources and Facilities
In addition to the resources mentioned above, the project team has ready access to the resources and expertise of the general Georgia Tech community.